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Welcome to Abbey House Medical Centre

Abbey House Medical Centre provides patients with quality medical care through the provision of a range of general and specialised medical services.

Abbey House contains a General Practice comprising of a team of doctors, supported by dedicated nursing and administrative staff. We also provide specialist medical care services through a wide range of private medical consultants and associated healthcare professionals. All consultations, for GPs, nurses and consultants are provided on an appointment only basis.

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Out of hours: NEDOC 1800 777 911
Order your repeat prescriptions easily online and collect from your local pharmacy. All repeat prescription requests are dealt with on a 48 hours notice basis.
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Patient Information

Appointments Procedure

Abbey House Medical Centre operates an ‘appointment only’ clinic. To obtain an appointment please complete the appointment request form online, contact our reception staff by calling 046 905 1500 or attend the medical centre in person. Prior to making an appointment please ensure you know which GP you wish to attend (if you have a preference) and what day and time will suit you. Any further information you can provide regarding the nature of your consultation will ensure that the receptionist is able to reserve an adequate amount of time for your GP consultation. In the event that you are unable to attend that appointment, cancellation is required.

House Calls Protocol

To ensure optimum medical treatment Abbey Medical encourages patients where possible to attend for GP consultation in the medical centre. Where this is not possible house call requests will be passed on to the patient’s regular GP. Abbey Medical will endeavour to attend requested house calls but cannot guarantee a timely attendance on every occasion. If you are in need of urgent medical attention we advise you contact the emergency services by dialing 999.

Lab Result Procedures

In instances where lab test results necessitate further action or a review consultation with a GP, the patient will be contacted directly by Abbey Medical Centre. All other lab test results can be acquired by contacting Abbey House directly.

Once you contact the surgery an admin team member will first ask you for your name and address in order to check your file and make sure we have received your test results before putting you through to a nurse or forwarding your message onto the appropriate clinician & then you will receive a call back regarding your results. This is done to save the nurse’s time as sometimes results do not come back within the estimated time frame. If your lab tests were requested by a clinician outside of Abbey House Medical Centre please contact that clinician to discuss your results.

N. B. Please bear in mind that due to the great number of test results received in Abbey House daily, it is sometimes difficult for the nurse team to take all the results calls. If this is the case when you phone in, a member of the admin team will take your name and number and pass a message onto a nurse. The nurse will then call you back with your results at a later stage.

In most cases lab results will be received back to the surgery 10 days after the tests have been taken.

Using Your Medical Card

The GMS medical card entitles holders to a wide range of medical services from their nominated GP / surgery. These services are provided to the medical card holder free of charge and include standard consultations for treatment of illnesses and related services necessary for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions.

Full medical card and ‘Doctor Only’ medical card holders are entitled to the same services free of charge within the surgery.

There are, however, some services which are not covered under the Medical Card scheme. The most usual services requested which are not covered by the Medical Card scheme are:

  • Medical Examinations or Reports for Legal Purposes
  • Examinations relating to Insurance Policies
  • Examinations relating to Fitness to Drive Including Eye Test
  • Pre-Employment Examinations
  • School Entry Examinations
  • Examinations in connection with fitness to take part in sports
  • Some Vaccinations (including travel vaccinations)
  • Some Family Planning Services
  • Cervical Smears, Blood Testing, Dressings, STI Screening, 24hr Blood pressure monitor, Audiograms & Spirometry.

GMS Medical Card patients requesting any of the above services are responsible for the relevant fees.

Prescription Request

All repeat prescription requests are dealt with on a 48 hours notice basis. Patients may request prescriptions by either phoning or calling into reception to request their prescription. Requests will be sent directly to the relevant patient’s GP who will review the patient file and provide a new prescription where appropriate.

Where necessary patients may be requested to attend their GP where medication or condition needs to be reviewed. In such instances, the prescription will be deferred until this consultation has taken place.

Phone Call Process (When to Ring)

Abbey Medical operates a strict ‘no interruption’ policy during standard surgery hours. This policy means that, with the exception of a medical emergency, GP’s and Nurses do not take routine phone calls whilst they are in consultation with patients. This policy is in place to ensure that the patient receives a focused and uninterrupted consultation when they visit their GP/Nurse.

In the case of an emergency a patient call will be placed through to a doctor. If you feel that you urgently need to speak to a doctor please inform the receptionist as soon as you make contact.

For routine queries please contact your GP or nurse after their surgery sessions. For most GP’s/Nurses surgery sessions are finished at approximately 12.15pm and 5.15pm Monday to Friday and GP’s/Nurses are available at this time to take phone calls, if they are not available our admin team will forward your details onto the GP/Nurse & they will return your call as soon as they are available.

Requesting Sick/Welfare Certs

Sick Certs

Patients requiring a sick cert for work, should call Abbey House Medical Centre on 046 905 1500, or call in to the medical centre in person. Details of the request will be forwarded to your GP and certs are usually available for collection the 24 hours later. You may be required to see your GP prior to receiving a sick cert.

Social Welfare Certs

Patients requiring a Social Welfare certificate must see a GP and/or provide correspondence from another doctor to qualify for the first Social Welfare certificate. You will be requested to provide your PPS number and exact dates from which the Social Welfare certificate is due. Patients will be reviewed at the request of the GP and you must present when requested for cert review.

Advice Post Vaccination - Babies

Calpol 2.5mls can be given to babies following their two month vaccination but only to treat a temperature which develops following the vaccination. If your baby is unwell and you are concerned please seek medical advice.

If your child experiences post vaccination fever give him/her:

  • Calpol (paracetamol) as recommended on bottle or sachet
  • Make sure you encourage plenty of fluids
  • Keep them cool
  • Gently sponge your child’s body, arms and legs with tepid water for no more than five minutes
  • Let them rest

Paracetamol suspension (Calpol) is the usual choice and Nurofen is an alternative antipyretic.

Post Vaccination and temperature control advice for parents

Your child will receive scheduled vaccination injections. The vaccine helps your child fight off or prevent certain diseases and is given as an injection. The vaccination stimulates your child’s immune system to make antibodies to fight the disease. Serious major reactions are extremely rare however minor reactions are common following childhood vaccinations, these include:

  • Tenderness, slight redness, small lump at injection site
  • Slight temperature
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Off form/irritable
  • Lack of energy

NEDOC (Out of Hours Service)

North East Doctor on Call is urgent out of hours GP Service
CALL 1800 777 911

NEDOC is a partnership between the General Practitioners in the North East region and the Health Service Executive.

When you ring 1800 777 911 your call will be answered by specially trained personnel who will ask for your details including, name, address, date of birth, telephone number, symptoms of illness/complaint, own GP’s name and medical card details (where applicable).

This information will be given to the doctor who will return your call and advise on the most appropriate course of action. In most cases one of the following courses of action will be followed:

immediate medical advice over the telephone
a visit to a treatment centre for further examination by a doctor
where the doctor determines the need, a patient may be visited in their own home.
There are 4 GP treatment centres – Cavan, Navan, Castleblaney and Drogheda. Each centre is fully equipped to meet the needs of the patients and is staffed with Doctors, Nurses and Receptionists.

Details of your consultation will be automatically forwarded to your own GP the following working day.

NEDOC is not a walk in service and all patients must phone NEDOC to see if an appointment is necessary. Patients with appointments are given full priority, those attending without first contacting the centre by phone can expect an increased waiting time.


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